What is CloudKeeper?
CloudKeeper is an end-to-end FinOps solution that provides Savings, Software, Services & Support, all bundled into one solution!
When you get onboarded CloudKeeper, savings kick in instantly, without any commitments or lock-ins.
  • savings
    Guaranteed Savings
    • No lock-in
    • No commitments
    • Guaranteed reduced pricing from Day 1
    • RI pricing for all your on-demand usage
  • access
    • Complimentary access to our AWS Cost management platform
    • Spending deep-dive for chargebacks
    • Daily & Monthly Cost breakup
    • Resource level cost visibility
  • audit
    Evaluations & Audit
    • Spend evaluation by AWS certified engineers
    • Periodic recommendations & optimization guidance
    • Actionable insights with context-based analytics
  • Free of Charge
  • 100% account security
  • No changes in your existing
    AWS setup required
We know. It is too good to be true.

CloudKeeper gives you instant savings without compromising on your account
security or making any changes in your existing setup.

Know CloudKeeper in 150 Secs
CloudKeeper bills all your on-demand instances at a cost similar to 1-year savings plan pricing offered by AWS, including the servers that are spun only for auto-scaling during peak hours.
Best practices to cut down your AWS spend by 5-15%
Read this whitepaper to take a deeper dive into some short & long-term best practices, as well as some lesser-known facts and quick-fixes to optimize your AWS spends. Also, understand ways to maintain this optimized state in the long-run to ensure sustained cost benefits on AWS.

CK LensTM launched on AWS Marketplace

Over 250 global customers including Fortune 1000 companies are using CK Lens™ to effectively manage their AWS spends.

Visit us at AWS Marketplace
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Some of Our Customers
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