The Perkbox website traffic was growing at the rate of 15% month-on-month. Given a variety of products and services offered by Perkbox, the company experiences seasonal spike and needed the flexibility for its AWS infrastructure to:

  • Change server type as per application
  • Scale the servers up or down as needed
  • Have a better visibility around usage & cost
  • Reduce cost without losing infrastructure flexibility
  • Reduction 30% AWS cost reduction
  • financial Cloud Financial Management enabled proper utilization of infrastructure
About the Customer
‘Perkbox’ is a UK-based provider of a suite of products dedicated to enhancing employee experiences. The company’s employee and customer engagement portals provide wide-ranging benefits by encouraging employee achievements and customer recognitions.
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The Solution
TO THE NEW implemented its AWS FinOps solution , CloudKeeper which offers guaranteed savings without any volume commitment by Perkbox. Discounted rates for EC2 instances (servers), CloudFront (Amazon’s CDN offering) and Business Support subscription were provided through CloudKeeper implementation while maintaining infrastructure flexibility.

TO THE NEW conducted a comprehensive audit of the company’s AWS accounts and implemented the below to reduce the AWS cost.
  • perkbox3
    Migration of DynamoDB to pay-per-use model
    Perkbox was paying 4X of the actual cost due to provisioned and utilized capacity on DynamoDB. Moving to a pay-per-use model reduced the cost for DynamoDB by 75%.
  • perkbox2
    Lifecycle policy
    Reduced cost storage by implementing a lifecycle policy to move data from Simple Storage Service (S3) used for backups to Amazon Glacier (long-term archival service)
  • perkbox1
    Server Management
    Moved to the latest configuration servers & downgraded the underutilized serve configurations.
  • perkbox4
    CK LensTM
    As a value added service by CloudKeeper, CK LensTM offers a comprehensive pre-built dashboard that could let Perkbox deep-dive into it’s AWS cost details as required
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