The AWS consumption for IMPLAN team had been increasing over the years resulting in increasing costs.
IMPLAN was looking for a cost optimization solution that could also be used continuously to
keep their rising AWS bills in check.
Our AWS FinOps solution, CloudKeeper,offered guaranteed savings on all EC2 (Elastic Cloud Compute), RDS (Relational Database Service) and RedShift (Amazon’s Data Warehouse Service) instances for Implan.

Key solution highlights achieved by CloudKeeper for Implan by using AWS FinOps were:


  • 26% reduction in monthly AWS costs
  • Cost-efficient setup with better visibility of AWS spend
  • Identified and highlighted unused and underutilized resources like legacy backups, unused servers, disks, load balancers etc. which were resulting in extra cost.
  • Defined a tagging strategy to achieve visibility around breakup of AWS cost across different applications and environments (DEV, UAT & Production)
  • Deployed architectural changes to achieve a cost optimized setup without compromising the stability and scalability of the platform
  • Mapped appropriate server configuration for each application as per the actual resource utilization and enabled data compression to reduce data transfer cost
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