Frequency was using AWS for its cloud infrastructure needs but was witnessing an increasing trend in the costs over the years. Due to the global pandemic, Cloud cost optimization became a necessity for Frequency and they were looking for partners to help optimize their spends.

  • Reduction Automation of Cloud infrastructure management
  • efficiency Reduced Cloud spend
About the Customer
Founded in 2010, Frequency is a cloud-based internet video service provider that aggregates and distributes videos from content producers. Frequency’s white-labeled service gives operators access to a comprehensive portfolio of licensed content and a fully-featured video platform, including real-time personalization.
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The Solution
TO THE NEW engaged as a technology services partner for Frequency’s product engineering division including DevOps-as-a-Service providing 24*7 managed services.

TO THE NEW’s CloudKeeper solution was implemented for Frequency’s AWS cloud infrastructure and provided guaranteed savings on the overall billing as well as a heavily discounted pricing for CloudFront.

In addition to this, TO THE NEW’s AWS cost analysis platform CK LensTM helped Frequency achieve resource-level cost visibility across AWS services.

In addition, TO THE NEW helped achieve more to the customer, than just cost savings.
  • perkbox1
    Listing of all unused resources like legacy snapshots, unused instances and disks, load balancers etc.
  • perkbox2
    Implementing lifecycle policy to move data from S3 to Glacier and enabling CloudFront data compression to reduce storage costs
  • Solution4
    Using Virtual Private Cloud endpoint gateway to reduce data processing charges
  • perkbox4
    Replacing classic load balancers with a single Application Load Balancer to reduce the data transfer cost
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    Discontinuing log printing onto monitoring systems & enabling data retention policies to reduce data ingestion and retention costs
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    Configuring cost deviation alerts based on custom-thresholds & rules defined for expected monthly budget, specific services cost and average daily cost
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