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August 31, 2023
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Building a FinOps Culture

Closing Remarks at FinOps Accelerate

TO THE NEW organized FinOps Accelerate, an AWS FinOps Virtual Conference, on November 18,2021 with the main objective of creating a discussion forum around FinOps. The conference was graced by some of the most influential CTOs and IT Influencers from leading companies who provided practical and actionable insights for organizations on the FinOps culture. The one-day conference was closed by remarks on FinOps culture by TK Verma, SVP & Head - US Enterprises, TO THE NEW.


The closing remarks by TK emphasized the prerequisites of building a FinOps culture like collaboration, value-driven decision making, setting accountability, real-time clean data, embracing variable cost model, and a centralized FinOps team. He also mentioned breaking the cost view down to the three phases of FinOps namely Inform, Optimize and Operate.