CloudKeeper AZ - End-to-End FinOps Solution
The FinOps journey consists of three iterative phases - Inform, Optimize & Operate. CloudKeeper AZ is an end-to-end FinOps solution that helps customers seamlessly manage all three stages of FinOps with its savings, software, and services offering. When you get onboarded with CloudKeeper, guaranteed savings kick in immediately on your entire AWS bill without any commitment or extra cost.
  • 01
    • Guaranteed reduced pricing from Day 1
    • No lock-in, No commitment
    • RI pricing for all your on-demand instances
    • No extra/hidden cost
  • 02
    • Access to our CloudKeeper Lens - AWS Cost Management Platform
    • Daily & Monthly Cost breakup
    • Resource level cost visibility
  • 03
    • Spend evaluation by AWS-certified engineers
    • Periodic AWS Well-Architected Reviews and recommendations
    • Actionable insights with context-based analytics
CloudKeeper AZ - Your one-stop solution to all your FinOps challenges
With over a decade of diverse experience as an AWS partner and working across global clients, we understand the nitty gritty of the AWS ecosystem. Thus, CloudKeeper AZ is specifically designed to address most of the FinOps challenges faced by businesses.
Cloud budgets are going over the roof. Most of the players offer discounts limited to EC2 services.
We are offering contractually guaranteed discounts of up to 25 percent on your entire AWS bill.
We use paid cloud usage tools for tagging cloud bills and it still requires our time and effort.
We offer CloudKeeper Lens - an AWS analytics dashboard to track and share a detailed view of your cloud spending.
Hiring & retaining AWS engineers for continuous architecture reviews.
We offer complimentary periodic architecture reviews to all our customers.
Security is a major concern, we can’t give any access to our AWS bills, not even IAM read-only access.
Involves billing consolidation with no access required at all.
Committing for the next 3 years is out of the question, we want reserved instance pricing but can’t commit to the time period.
Commitment is CloudKeeper’s and savings are yours. You are not committed to any tenure if you route your billing through CloudKeeper.
OS-Restricted Discounts
Most of the FinOps Solutions do not offer discounts on non-Linux OS.
We offer guaranteed discounts across OS including Windows and other licensed services like Redhat, SQL, etc.
Geographic Discounts
Most of the FinOps Solutions do not offer discounts in countries like India where the RI marketplace is not legal.
We are not restricted by any geography, we offer guaranteed savings to all clients spread across geographies.
Processor-restricted Discounts
Most of the FinOps Solutions do not offer discounts on old-generation processors like T2 processors.
We offer guaranteed discounts across all processors.
Solve all your FinOps problems with CloudKeeper
Why CloudKeeper?
CloudKeeper is among the top 3 best cloud cost management solutions worldwide on G2, a trusted software marketplace. We are a premier and audited AWS partner, currently managing AWS billing for 300+ clients across geographies.
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Zero Cost | Zero Commitment | Zero Effort
  • Share your AWS cloud usage details with our team for analysis.

  • We will confirm the guaranteed savings that CloudKeeper AZ can offer on various AWS services.

  • Transfer your billing to CloudKeeper's organization account without sharing any access or credentials.

  • Guaranteed savings start immediately as soon as you onboard with CloudKeeper.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q1.Is the savings guaranteed? Is it on my entire AWS bill?

    Yes, the discount is 100% guaranteed. After reviewing 3 months of your recent AWS bills, we will provide you with a firm guaranteed discount percentage. The guaranteed savings is on various services of AWS including EC2 & RDS instances, once we have a closer look at your bills we will be able to suggest these services.

  • Q2.I understand the value proposition offered by CloudKeeper, but this sounds too good to be true. Is there a catch?

    There is no catch! We have been an AWS Premier Consulting Partner since 2013 and we understand the ecosystem in depth.

    We work with AWS directly and do a 3-year usage commitment with AWS for all RDS and EC2 instances. In turn, we offer our customers 1-year savings plan pricing for all their on-demand usage.

    We own all the risks and there is no upfront payment required and users can save their AWS bills on their compute usage across any AWS region.

  • Q3.How does CloudKeeper benefit monetarily with this solution?

    Well, this part is our risk and hence our benefit, if you will. We stand to benefit on 2 fronts:

    • Pure play pricing arbitrage between the 3-year commitments we give to AWS and the 1-year RI pricing we offer to customers like you.

    • Volume-pricing discounts that we get from AWS and offer reduced pricing to customers for those specific services.

  • Q4.How long does it take to achieve the savings after I get onboarded CloudKeeper AZ?

    Instantaneous - since there is no upfront payment and you start saving from Day 1.

  • Q5.Is my AWS Account secure with CloudKeeper?

    Absolutely, yes! You continue to control everything and CloudKeeper doesn't require any kind of access to your AWS account - including root credentials, PEM files or any passwords.

  • Q6.Are the discounts applicable across servers?

    Yes, it is applicable for all the servers, including the servers that are spun only during peak traffic (auto-scaled) or only during business hours.