CloudKeeper Auto - Zero Touch, an AI-based automated system for RI Management

With over a decade of diverse experience as an AWS partner and working across global clients, we understand the nitty gritty of the AWS ecosystem. CloudKeeper Auto addresses the challenges related to RI management and takes care of your EC2 RI architecture needs at no extra cost (just a percentage of the total AWS EC2 savings).

RI Architecture
Developing an RI strategy is too much work and I would rather have software do it for me.
CloudKeeper Auto is an AI-driven solution that tracks your usage and suggests RI on that basis.
Automating RI Implementation
I have too much dependency on my team to dynamically track unused RI to sell or track our aggressive on-demand usage to convert them to RI.
CloudKeeper Auto takes away that dependency from your team and it does all RI buying and selling basis your usage.
Billing Transfer
I can’t transfer my billing to another vendor as I get enough savings from AWS and I am contractually obliged.
You can still save with CloudKeeper Auto requiring only the IAM read-only access.
Buyback Guarantee
I am hesitant to buy RI, as I don’t know how many would sell once I don’t need them.
We guarantee the buyback of RI whose reservation was done through our platform.
Why CloudKeeper Auto?
CloudKeeper is among the top 3 best cloud cost management solutions worldwide on G2, a trusted software marketplace. We are a premier and audited AWS partner, currently managing AWS billing for 250+ clients across geographies.
What do our clients say?

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Amit Poddar

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Head of Technology

How does it work?
  • 1

    The entire onboarding takes less than 5 minutes.

  • 2

    Once onboarded, CloudKeeper runs an initial scan of your AWS account to analyze the potential savings.

  • 3

    Enable 'AutoBot' to manage the reservations and savings start instantly.

  • 4

    Only pay a percentage of the total AWS savings achieved via AutoBot.


We take just 18% of the total AWS savings we achieve through our platform as our fees, it is
the most competitive pricing in the market for Automated RI management. There is no separate
cost/subscription fees.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q1.What is the pricing structure of CloudKeeper Auto?

    There is no extra or hidden cost for the CloudKeeper Auto solution. We only charge 18% of your total AWS savings from the platform. This is the most competitive offering and the lowest platform fees in the market.

  • Q2.Is the offering restricted by any geographic location?

  • Q3.Is the buyback of RI guaranteed?

  • Q4.What access does CloudKeeper Auto require? Is my infrastructure safe?

  • Q4.Is the 60% savings on compute costs guaranteed?